St. Mary’s Residence was founded in 1902 (re-dedicated in 1991). It offers safe, affordable housing annually for over 46 single working women 18 years of age and older with limited incomes. The Residence provides affordable housing, meals, and communal living services for each woman, allowing her to concentrate on improving her language and job skills for a better future.

“You have no idea how much living at St. Mary’s made a difference in my life. I chose my career because of you, because I wanted to help and educate children who are growing up as I did.”
Lynsey, former St. Mary’s resident

How do you survive when your income falls at or below the poverty line? With the high costs of basic normal living, the majority of your income goes towards housing leaving little left over for food and other needs.

At St. Mary’s Residence, a woman can find the opportunity to better her living condition as she works to improve her quality of life.

St. Mary’s Residence in Jersey City, New Jersey has known an unbroken history of housing the economically-poor since 1902. The historical majority of residents in St. Mary’s represent the working poor, a population that is underserved and almost invisible in relation to federal and state domestic welfare policy.

St. Mary’s provides an affordable, clean and secure environment for its residents. The Residence maintains 46 private bedrooms, and several communal areas: 20 bathrooms, one dining room, one pantry, four lounge areas and a tiny chapel. A daily and rigorous maintenance schedule is followed and supervised by the Program Director.

Services Provided:
St. Mary’s serves as a safe haven for our women,  providing them with the opportunity to improve their job skills and education level. Each resident pays monthly rent for a private bedroom (approximately 150 sq. ft.) and shares common living space with other residents. Breakfast and dinner are served daily in a spacious dining room.

The rent also includes utilities, a weekly change of sheets, and the cleaning and maintenance of all common areas. Admittance is based upon need, employment status and a first-come-first-serve basis. Most women stay at St. Mary’s Residence an average of two years.

Our Staff:
Under Sister Harriet Hamilton, Director of St. Mary’s Home, staffing assignments include 24 hours/7days per week coverage. There are two full-time and two part-time Residence staff members, one full-time and one part-time cook, one full-time maintenance/repair person and one full-time and one part-time housekeeping staff members. For emergency situations, a night-time on-call person is available.

6 Full-time
4 Part-time