A Letter From Our Executive Director

Dear Friends of York Street Project,

I am asking for your help. The COVID-19 virus is causing terrible hardship around the world and York Street Project is no exception. Our ability to feed, shelter, and care for the homeless women, children, and families we serve, as well as our staff, is challenged. We need your assistance with a financial donation.

A donation from you now will ease the unexpected expenses we are incurring during this crisis so we can continue to best serve our 54 homeless families and 42 low-income women with meals, a clean and safe environment, and the supportive services needed to ease their worries. There are multiple ways to donate. Our Amazon wishlist is posted here if you prefer to send baby supplies, food, or health related items.

While those we serve are safe and secure, they are scared and anxious about what the future holds for them. They are worried about getting sick and about who would care for their children. They are wondering when they can go back to work or if their jobs will still exist when this is over. For now, with your support, they will have a secure place to stay and we will do our best to keep them healthy, both physically and mentally.

We are in this together.
Thank you for your support,

Susanne Byrne
Executive Director


At the York Street Project we take on the highly-visible factors of Education, Housing and Childcare that block our women from creating self-fulfilled, self-sufficient lives.

At the same time we also take on the less visible factors, healing the hidden damages that the cycle perpetuates. Working with our brave women, we help them take on unlearning the lessons of hopelessness and helplessness, restoring destroyed self-esteem, and addressing the insidious developmental delays in their children.


Donor Impact


Every year, our programs give nearly 400 women, children, and families the tools they need to begin their journey toward a life of self-sufficiency.