Celebration of Hope 2021

A Letter From Our Executive Director

Dear Friends,

As I sit down to write this letter, I desperately want to say “it was an unprecedented and difficult year, but we got through it and things are looking better.” The reality is that we are not “through it” and we may have a long way to go before we are back to “normal.”

I know that right now we all feel a sense of lost control, of real pain, and a longing for things to be different. And as we wait for the future, a return to a time when we can hug our friends and family without fear, when our children can return to the classroom full-time, when we can gather together to celebrate life and love, I continue to ask myself, “What does this future look like for those who were struggling before all this?”

At York Street Project, we keep moving forward to the best of our ability. Even with our best efforts, here is the harsh reality: the women, children and families we serve will be feeling the profound effects of this pandemic for many years to come. The wrath of this pandemic is hitting these families hard. The need for our services will continue to grow as families who previously were able to “get by” are now plunging deeper into debt and poverty and homelessness...

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At the York Street Project we take on the highly-visible factors of Education, Housing and Childcare that block our women from creating self-fulfilled, self-sufficient lives.

At the same time we also take on the less visible factors, healing the hidden damages that the cycle perpetuates. Working with our brave women, we help them take on unlearning the lessons of hopelessness and helplessness, restoring destroyed self-esteem, and addressing the insidious developmental delays in their children.

Donor Impact


Every year, our programs give nearly 400 women, children, and families the tools they need to begin their journey toward a life of self-sufficiency.

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