Every year, our programs give nearly 400 women, children, and families the tools they need to begin their journey toward a life of self-sufficiency.

2022 Impact Statement


Dear Friends,

What helps you thrive?

Would you be able to thrive if you didn’t have someone who believes in you? If you didn’t have anyone to trust or rely on? Could you focus on your goals if you felt your children weren’t safe? Would you perform well at work if you didn’t know where you were going to sleep that night?

It’s been difficult for everyone to thrive during these past 2+ years. Whether it’s in the workplace or interacting socially. And for kids in school, thriving has been harder to achieve. It’s almost impossible to venture through the grocery store without questioning “how do families in poverty survive?” For families with no place to live, thriving is impossible.

Every day we take on the challenge of transforming families who are in the middle of a traumatic life event. We meet our families when they are at their lowest. We support them and lift them up so they can change their lives and help them realize what they need to do to thrive.

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“My case manager has been my support system ever since I arrived. She keeps me accountable and is one of my biggest cheerleaders. Her help has seen me through some of my hardest times and I am so grateful for her.”
― Tanicka, client and mother of three

Your financial support of the York Street Project allows us to work with our families to help them thrive – not simply survive. We teach how to set manageable, measurable goals that feed into larger goals. These incremental successes lead to progress and as progress is made, thriving begins. It creeps in slowly at times, wearing down old ideas and stale habits that keep us stuck, and opens the door for change.
Change comes in many forms. Learning how to better communicate, let go of negative relationships, gro

Change comes in many forms. Learning how to better communicate, let go of negative relationships, grow as a parent, set goals and plan for the future. You improve as a student. You get your first full-time job paying above minimum wage. You wake up in the morning with excitement for what the day holds, rather than fear.

The ability to make a change and support progress requires some very critical ingredients for all 400+ individuals we serve. Hope, trust, a positive attitude, good mental and physical health, having someone in your corner for advice, and inspiration are all critical to success. Just as change comes in many forms, so does inspiration. It might be from a case manager or social worker who listens and helps process the trauma of homelessness and abuse. It might come from having a stable environment that allows children to feel safe and secure. Or maybe it comes from a positive report from a child’s teacher, praising them for their accomplishments that day.

Regardless of the source of inspiration, our staff work with our women, children and families to help foster an openness to new opportunities. We use best practices to lay a foundation for change and build an environment that allows families to see that progress is possible. It is what we do best at York Street Project. Your support has made it possible for us to do this critical work!

“My case manager at York Street Project was supportive, even when I didn’t deserve it. When I arrived I was very angry at my family and my situation. The support I’m receiving makes me hopeful and I feel good about where we are and where we are going. We have not been forgotten and I’m grateful for this support.”
― Tamara, former client and mother of one

Breaking the cycle of intergenerational poverty and homelessness is not easy. There is no quick fix. Homelessness is more than just a housing problem and it takes a holistic approach to have a positive impact.

We are happy to report that thus far, our work this year IS having a positive impact:

  • Provided housing to 106 homeless families
  • Nurtured 201 children with housing and early childhood education
  • 70% of families served this year have moved into stable housing
  • Conducted over 2,000 hours of Comprehensive Life Skills, Career Readiness, Parenting Workshops, and Counseling Interventions

Your support is making an immense impact. It goes beyond the women, children and families we serve. When you reduce poverty, address and heal trauma, improve family functioning, and increase overall stability, you are not only impacting those you have served, but all those around them as well. Communities, and society as a whole, become stronger as a result. When those we serve are thriving, they help those around them thrive as well.

We need you now more than ever to join us and support this critical work. Your donations, which help provide 50% of our annual operating budget, will impact families who say yes to change and want to thrive. Join us as we roll up our sleeves and take on this important work that changes lives.

Take a moment to share your financial gift by donating here.

Please don’t delay and join York Street Project to help families thrive! With gratitude from our family to yours,

Susanne Byrne
Executive Director

P.S. We are so proud of the great success we’ve had in 2022. Please check out the Impact Report attached and join me in saluting the great work that is happening at York Street Project.

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