A safe and structured living environment for homeless parents and their children that guides and supports them as they transition to new independent lives.

“At the York Street Project, you learn how to take care of yourself and that you can take care of yourself.”
Robin, former St. Joseph’s Home Resident and former Board Member, St. Joseph’s Home

Our Home, a five-story brownstone built and occupied by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace in 1891 and once operated as an orphanage, was renovated in 1988 to accommodate a transitional housing program for homeless women (18 years +) and their children (0-18 years of age). St. Joseph’s home provides supportive, transitional housing for women and their children. We’ve served over 800 families to date and an average of 30 families annually. The average age of the residents is 26 years old.

At St. Joseph’s, each family gets its own private bedroom space – with a lockable door. Our women share the common living space as well as responsibilities for the maintenance, cooking, and governance of their floor, in preparation for the day when they will be living independently.

Services Provided
St. Joseph’s Home is far more than a shelter. Here, the women of York Street Project in Jersey City, New Jersey are given the opportunity to take concrete steps towards attaining permanent housing while building independent lives for themselves and their families.

Our Transitional Life Skills Enrichment program educates our women in parenting, career planning, legal advocacy, health, and financial and household management. Each woman also takes personal responsibility for her family’s future by attending school, enrolling in a job-training program, or working.

On-site counseling, in the form of mental health and family counseling, and case management, is available to help our women and our children sort through their complex lives.

Our Staff

Serving an average of 22 families at any given time, the small staff at St. Joseph’s Home provides services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Our Director, Gloria A. Acosta-Nelson, oversees the total operation. Jamillah Gantt and Shakila Ali, our Caseworker Advocates, help women gain access to and cope with various government and private entities. He also helps them develop goals and outline a plan for their time spent with us at St. Joseph’s Home that will steer them toward independence. Our Social Worker/Case Manager, Marina Burachek, provides individual (adult and child), family and group counseling when requested.  The Residence Supervisor, deals with the day-to-day needs of the families. Trained maintenance and residence workers support the professional members of the staff.

10 Full-time
7 Part-time