Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

We are grateful to so many for thinking of our families during this holiday season. We have been blessed with longtime partners who, for the last 28 years, have ensured the desires of our women and children are met in the form of toys, books, clothes, or outerwear and they have renewed their commitment for this year. Our families have many needs that are not typically met by holiday donation drives and this is where we really could use your passion and commitment.

Often when our families move in they have no more than the clothes on their backs. And when they move from here to their own apartment, they do not have the disposable income needed to set up a new home. The collection of items to make up baskets of kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, cleaning, laundry, or personal care necessities is something that will make a tremendous impact in their everyday lives.  Discover how you can help meet some of their needs by putting together a basket of exactly what our families need!

Due to privacy and safety concerns, we do not release the names of the individuals we are serving. Once we receive your basket, however, our staff will personalize with names and distribute the gifts accordingly.

To ensure we are able to distribute the gifts to our families in advance of Christmas, we ask that all donations be delivered, or arrangements made for pick up, no later than December 15.

The gifts that are donated are given to each family to wrap and put under their own tree to allow our mothers to feel a part of the giving process for their families. Additionally, we like to ensure they are distributed as equitably as possible at the same time, a week before Christmas.

We are excited to have individuals in our community, like you, who wish to give back to families in in need during this special time of year. Thank you for helping to make this a memorable holiday for all involved.