Donate Goods to Our Families

We are very blessed at this time of year, especially, and the typical holiday items are already generously being collected for our women and children. What we really could use your help with is the collection of everyday items that allows us to put them in the hands of the families who need them today…and throughout the year.  So if you are looking to put together a donation drive for this holiday season, please consider just looking at our Amazon Wish List instead.  If you are planning a donation drive for 2019, please continue below to fill out the form.

Donate Goods

We are grateful for your interest in supporting our women and children with new and gently used items! Please submit a list of the items (and pictures, if possible) that you would like to donate to the York Street Project. Someone will get back to you within 2-3 business days to confirm your offer or to redirect you to another organization that might be in greater need.

Due to limited storage capacity, we must prioritize our acceptance of donations by what is needed by our families at the time and therefore cannot accept all donations. Please do not drop off any items without first speaking to a staff member. We appreciate your understanding. Thank you!

Start a Donation Drive

Organizing a donation drive is a great way to get your friends involved, too.  Please click the red donation drive button to get started.  A York Street Project staff member will then help you design a drive that will have the greatest impact for our families.