Join the H.O.P.E. Builders

HOPE Builders are a group of individuals who assist York Street Project by making a recurring monthly or quarterly contribution so that we may best provide the four essential elements to all we serve. In this instance, HOPE is an acronym for the physical and psychological tools we build:


Monthly donations create a more predictable cash flow for nonprofits and are often used as a way for donors to expand their annual giving. According to nonprofit averages, donors who spread their giving over several months, as opposed to a one-time donation, are able to increase their planned giving amounts.  Join the HOPE Builders and see the collective power of your peers at work!

As of March 2018, there are more than 61 HOPE Builders donating between $5 and $350 each month.

In the next 12 months these HOPE Builders are projected to raise $32,374. Become a HOPE Builder and join the power of collective action!

Perks of Being a HOPE Builder

  1. 1. You join a team of like-minded individuals.
  2. 2. We send you an official HOPE Builder welcome package.
  3. 3. You get discounts at York Street Project events and fundraisers.
  4. 4. Because doing good is awesome.

Join now!  Choose an amount that makes for a comfortable monthly donation.  As a token of our appreciation, we will send you a small gift to showcase to others your commitment to ending homelessness. Together, we can build a future for women and children to break the cycle of poverty!

Laborer – $1-$10 per month

Receive a YSP key chain as a symbol of the doors you are opening for others.

Carpenter – $11-$24 per month

Receive a YSP mini-hardhat ice-pack as a symbol of your commitment to building a brighter future for others.

Foreman – $25-$49 per month

Receive a YSP water bottle as a symbol of the life-giving sustenance you provide to our families.

Manager – $50-$74 per month

Receive a YSP umbrella as a symbol of the security you provide.

Architect – $75+ per month

Receive a YSP fleece jacket as a symbol of your leadership and commitment to the families you serve.

Click the H.O.P.E. Builders logo to join!