Our Programs

The cycle of poverty is relentless:

In order to support herself and her children, a woman needs a decent job.

In order to get a decent job, she needs a decent education.

In order to get a decent education, she needs a decent place to live and someone with whom to entrust the care of her children while she is at work or school.

The cycle grinds on, swallowing families, swallowing generations.

The only way to break this cycle is to take it all on.

At the York Street Project, we take on the highly-visible factors of Education, Housing and Childcare that block our women from creating self-fulfilled, self-sufficient lives. At the same time, we take on the less visible factors: healing the hidden damage that the cycle exacts. Working with our brave women, we help them take on unlearning the lessons of hopelessness and helplessness. Take on restoring destroyed self-esteem. Take on addressing the insidious developmental delays in their children.

The York Street Project is actually a one-stop network of multiple programs:

St. Joseph’s Home: A safe and structured living environment for single mothers and their children that guides and supports them as they transition to new independent lives.

St. Mary’s Residence: Affordable housing & support for working women with limited income.

The Nurturing Place: A year-round licensed early childhood development center for children from 4 months to 6 years of age while their mothers are at work or school.

Resource Locator

While we strive to serve the whole person through our programs, we realize that connecting individuals with other resources outside our areas of expertise is equally as important.  Aunt Bertha is an easy-to-use directory that connects people with programs to find the help they need.